NaNoWriMo Threshold

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50,122 words.  Validated.

The Fourth Law; also known as ‘Reynold’s Law;’  “A robot must do its best to learn to love human beings.”

Did I ever even post a link to this?  This world is now so tenuous to me, I don’t recall much, anymore.  Oh, here.

I’m not finished, actually.  Ai is back from being feted in Austin; we’d the Big Reveal about her family, but Lily was just happy to get a physical form of her friend back, even if it’s only for seven more days.

Then, of course, is the cliff-hanger ending that will force me to write the sequel.  Even my wife – who’s been reading as I write – knew that was coming.

As is, it’s a steaming pile of poo:  it needs massive editing.  I’d three editors for the story in our flagship visual novel, and two years later I’m still finding obscure errors.  Anyone wanna edit a currently 99 but soon to be 105 page story?

This also serves as validation for what I’ve told writers who’ve attended our “How to Make a Visual Novel” panels at Ohio animecons:  set irrational deadlines!  If you don’t, you will get nothing done!  Nothing!

Tired now; wife and kids at in-laws.  Gonna grab some cold turkey leftovers and watch anime in the basement.  Oh, that reminds me:  my novel’s ‘cover’ is a screengrab (at 2:35) from this video.  This was one of my triggers for this story.  Not the only one, certainly, but music tickles my soul to write.

NaNoWriMo 2


Happy Veterans Day!  Or, Remembrance Day!

Just over a third of the month gone…and just under a fifth of my story written:  made of fail.  This past weekend was consumed by locusts, but I’ve been able to eke out a bit here and there between day-job, wife, kids…the whole catastrophe.  I still like where the story is headed…if I really think I know where the story is headed.  I’ve surprised myself before.

Below the fold is a snippet from Lily’s day-job as Assistant Director at St. Edwards Home for Children.  Of course, Ai shows up to rattle some cages.

NaNoWriMo 1

science fiction

Never, ever, underestimate a writer’s skill at procrastination.  I’ve had a story in my head for some weeks now, but would rather power-wash the house than sit down and type it out.

Then, I saw that NaNoWriMo has come ’round again.  Dammit.  I guess I’d better start writing this thing down.

This is very (very!) tentatively entitled “The Fourth Law”.

Set a dozen years hence, nursing student Lily Barrett lives in a shattered time:  the US devolved into a group of smaller states and badlands, her sister missing, and her father, after earning the opprobrium of most of the world, presumed dead.

Two things keep her going:  her job at the orphanage outside of Waxahachie, Republic of Texas, and Ai, her odd, but dear friend she met online:  a young woman who only shows herself to Lily as a rendered CG image.

Troubled by her past and facing an uncertain future, Lily seeks only a quiet, normal life.  But, her past and her present conspire against her.

Reflexions 3 – Aris Kaguya



[A third of the paths of OTChi Kocchi, Aris.  ‘A Riddle Wrapped in a Mystery Inside an Enigma.’  Tall and reserved; guarded speech; and is she really reading your mind…?

This excerpt is from her Act 2, Scene 2.  Note that in RenPy code, “ar” is Aris talking, “sh” is Shirou talking and anything just in quotes is Shirou thinking.]

Reflexions 2 – Rimu Shizuoka



[Another of the four main paths of OTChi Kocchi, Rimu, an artist with big dreams, is the protagonist’s childhood friend, even if she routinely beat him up.  They are reunited in the Pharmacy after losing touch with one another for the past two years.

This excerpt is from her Act 3, Scene 1.  Note that in RenPy code, “ri” is Rimu talking, “sh” is Shirou talking and anything just in quotes is Shirou thinking.]

Reflexions 1 – Aoi Yamada



[One of the four main paths of OTChi Kocchi, Aoi is a fun, high-energy girl that seems flighty, but is actually steppy.  She works in the Pharmacy while pursuing her degree in nursing; likes long walks and big meals.

This excerpt is from Act 1, Scene 20d.  Note that in RenPy code, “ao” is Aoi talking, “sh” is Shirou talking and anything just in quotes is Shirou thinking.]

“Reflexions and Direxions”


Looking at all the great art below, it occurred to me that, unless you’ve played the demos or bought a graphic novel, any visitor to this site has no idea who all these characters all.  I’ve been living with them in my head for anywhere from two years to two months, so I thought it best for some “meet and greets.”

The introductions of existing characters will be under “Reflexions,” as it is a look back at established personalities.  For those projects in development (Nyaapoleon, Hot Rod, etc.) I’ll show you what “Direxions” I think I’m going with them.

Also, for those interested in a “look under the hood” of RenPy coding in a visual novel, I’ll include excerpts of that when highlighting those from OTChi Kocchi.  If you’re not interested in the code, then just skip from bold to bold to follow the dialog.  Cheerio!

~Clayton Barnett

Writer’s Corner – Introduction

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As always, my esteemed colleague has done yeoman’s work in getting this WordPress site up and running.  I, honestly, wasn’t quite sure where I’d fit in:  everyone likes to look at pictures…does anyone want to read story excerpts?  Chat about what little RenPy coding I can manage?  Such doubts assailed me.

Then, yesterday evening, assisted by the bourbon in my coffee, Mr. Deonne (he changes given names as often as I change my car’s oil) and I had a chat via email that has given me a better grounding for where I may go with this site.

Having said all that to say this:  I look forward to greater interaction with our readers!  Now, off for more coffee…and bourbon.

~Clayton Barnett