Writer’s Corner – Introduction

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As always, my esteemed colleague has done yeoman’s work in getting this WordPress site up and running.  I, honestly, wasn’t quite sure where I’d fit in:  everyone likes to look at pictures…does anyone want to read story excerpts?  Chat about what little RenPy coding I can manage?  Such doubts assailed me.

Then, yesterday evening, assisted by the bourbon in my coffee, Mr. Deonne (he changes given names as often as I change my car’s oil) and I had a chat via email that has given me a better grounding for where I may go with this site.

Having said all that to say this:  I look forward to greater interaction with our readers!  Now, off for more coffee…and bourbon.

~Clayton Barnett


Making Visual Novels: From Concepts to Sales-a Preview

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A Preview of the upcoming panel on Saturday August 23rd at 7pm in Panel III Taft B. We go through everything from story writing, coding, images, software needed, and promotions and sales.

The Panel has evolved over the past three years into a 2hr event typically attended by 75-100 members of the Convention that look to gain some tangible information on creating a visual novel in todays market.


Attend if you can! Feel free to contact me for more details.


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All the best stories start, “Once upon a time…”

Once upon a time, just barely over one year ago, an under-employed engineer sat in his basement, drinking gin, and watching anime. “Why don’t they subvert that trope? It’d improve the story.” He thinks. Another drink. “I can write better than this!” Another drink. “Can’t animate or draw, thoughwaitWill, from work, is an artist…” A quick text is sent: ‘We should make a visual novel.’ A few minutes later, a reply: ‘Fine. What’s a visual novel?’

One year and 22 days later, we, Clayton Barnett & Will Deonne of 3-AR Studios LLC are proud to present to you, our dear friends of the Lemma Soft Community, the product of those two text messages: OTChi Kocchi, and its two spin-off VN’s: Chibi Kocchi, and N4. (Click link to purchase for $10!)

OK is just shy of 80,000 words. There are four main characters with four unique paths. Nineteen secondary characters. Twenty-one possible endings. Hundreds of backgrounds and sprites. Music and sound effects. Even secret content and prizes to discover!

What started off as a rather typical BxG dating sim set in a university hospital pharmacy ended up in places we could never have guessed at a year ago. An exploration of loss and its aftereffects. The creation of a new company paradigm. A frenetic but fun adventure into a character’s present & past. And, the existence of a secret society that has been playing with humanity for millennia. As a playtester quipped about a month ago, “Erwhat happened to cute girls doing cute things at the Pharmacy?” Quite a bit, in fact!

Sometimes, I do wonderfrom where we started…

Writer/Coder:Clayton Barnett

Artist/FX/Music/Coding: Will Deonne

Reviews below:

“Everything about it; art, story, etc is very professionally done. A tip of my hat to the team for a job well done!”

-Phillip, LemmaSoft User

“I’m certainly looking forward to a sequel!”

-Christopher Cheung, VN-er