Direxions 1 – Aya Donne


Aya knife

[Aya is a secondary character from Aris’ and Aoi’s paths in OTChi Kocchi.  A bit like kudzu, she plays a very minor role against Aris, but grows to dominate the last Act of Aoi’s path.  She is featured in both planned sequels in the OKaverse:  “Aoi’s Gone!” and “Through the Iris.”  While looking to be an Celtic girl of about 12-years old…she’s not.

This excerpt is from “Aoi’s Gone,” following Shirou’s efforts to find out what’s happened to Aoi and how to get her back.  This is from my notes, so it’s not quite in either RenPy code nor normative story writing.]

Following upon a clue in Aoi’s flat, Aya and Shirou are hiking up a trail in the foothills of the Himalayas, accompanied by two sherpas.

sh  “So these gods—”

ay “They’re not gods, boy; don’t call them that, it’s unhealthy.  Say spirits, instead.”

sh “Fine.  So all the spirits left wandering the Earth are evil…?”

ay “There’s degrees of evil just as there are degrees of action; here, let’s pause a few minutes.  This one we’re travelling to see, for example:  Rozekattee.  It used to be blood-curdlingly evil, but when faced with eternal imprisonment, hid itself.  So in this case, evil by thought, neutral – now – by action.”

sh “Whereas those that control people like Aris…” A sour face from Aya.

ay  “Demons.  The enemy.  Let’s go.”

A bit further to what looks like a rockslide to the side.  Aya pays the porters in silver and dismisses them.  As they leave, the murmur about “the devas’ house” and how “those kids are going to die.”  Aya laughs and calls out to them in their language, “<We’ll be fine!>”  The porters hurry off.

sh “So.  Rockslide?”

ay “Give me your hand… this is going to hurt a lot.”  FLASH  Inside a cave.  Shirou doubled over on ground and Aya leaning on cave wall holding her head.  Shirou asks “What the hell was that?!?”

ay “Apologies, lad; we’re not all like Aoi when it comes to spatial transforms.”

sh “Oh; that was like Aoi stepping?”

ay “Errr…sure.  Just call it that.”  Aya takes out a flashlight and they proceed.

Walking down cave path. Thought suddenly occurs to Shirou, ‘I wonder where the little snot is taking me…hey! Is she going to kill me down here?!… I’d better strike first…!’  He raises his fist, then lowers it.  ‘No, no.  This is Aoi’s best friend, and our best hope!  In fact, in this light, she really is kinda cute:  such an absolutely bewitching mouth…’

ay “So what’s it going to be, boy? You going to kill me or kiss me?”

sh “What?!   No…!”

ay “Quiet.  We’re close to it, now, and your untrained mind is feeling its effects.”

sh “Effects of it?”

ay “Come a bit further, but do try to keep your hands off of me either way.  This particular spirit was known in both East and West; oddly, it was only known for one of its attributes in each place…ah, here!”  She shines the light up onto a 3-4m stone circle; on it, the embossed image of some 4-armed Hindu-looking god.   “Rozekattee.  It styled itself the God of Love and Death.  It comes down to us in history as Eros in the West and Kali in the East.”  Shirou, being a guy, notes its weird genitalia configuration.

sh “Ewww!  It looks as if it could have sex with itself!”

ay “Again, an astute observation.  It can and did; people like me spent millennia ridding this world of its bastard spawn.”

sh “So, it’s behind this sealed door?”

ay “No, what we want is –” CRACK!  Part of one of the arms comes free.  The massive fingers flex slowly.

ay “That itself is Rozekattee, sealed in stone.  But it knows we’re here and what we want…” CRACK!  More comes free.

sh “What do we do, then?”

ay “Boy, you play role playing games?”

sh “Sure, but …”

ay  “It’s the fighter’s job to protect the magician, right?”

sh “But!!”  CRACK CRACK as it’s almost free.

ay “We both play a role here.  Ever see the movie, ‘The Matrix’?”

sh “What does that have to do with anything?!”

ay “Lean towards me.”  He hesitates, then does.  She taps his forehead.  His skin ripples like the flank of a horse under a fly.  Shirou blinks and turns to face RK.

sh “I know Jeet Kun Do.”

ay “You’d best show me, Shirou, or we’re both going to die.”

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