Reflexions 4 – Atti Gaetsuri



[Final of the four main characters, she is the Senior Technician who holds the Department together.  A complex woman with a complex life.

This excerpt is from Act 1, Scene 20a.  Note that in RenPy code, “att” is Atti talking, “sh” is Shirou talking and anything just in quotes is Shirou thinking.]

scene bg cc with fade

play sound “door.ogg”

“Must be Distribution coming to get a cart, I turn… oh!”


show atti with dissolve

att “What are you doing down here, Shirou?  You’re not attached to me today.”
“She’s carrying a large gray plastic bin; I think our replacement parts come in those. {p}I stop what I’m doing and walk over and take it from her.”

show atti mad with dissolve

sh “I’ll get that.  I am on the schedule for deliveries with Rimu today, but…”

show atti with dissolve

“I set the tote down by the cabinets; steady, man.”
sh “But I wanted more time in Crash Carts… and….”
“My nails cut into my palms.”
att “…and, what?”
sh “And with you.”

show atti ges with dissolve

“I think I’m going to die.”
att “So.  It’s like that, then.”
“. . .”

show atti with dissolve

att “Okay.  Let’s see what happens.”
“She puts her hand out.”

show atti surp with dissolve

att “We’ll begin here:  friends?”
“I take her hand.”
sh “Friends.  To begin with.”
“I essay a smile.”

show atti with dissolve

att “Easy there, tiger.  Go finish your cart.  I’ll restock the shelves.”

hide atti with dissolve

“Back at the cart, I spend a minute just letting my heart calm down.  That… that wasn’t so bad.”
“Then I hear music playing.  Sounds like American Jazz.  Turning, I see Atti has plugged her phone into the computer’s speakers.”

show atti with dissolve

att “I’d my earbuds out, but as we are friends now, I thought to play music for both of us.  Is this okay?”
sh “Sure!”
“Baby steps are still steps.”

hide atti with dissolve

“Atti’s second checking the cart I finished while I start another.  She can go through an entire cart in the time it takes me to cover a drawer.  Sheesh.”
“She slams the last drawer closed and twists the green plastic locks onto it.  Then she stretches.”
“I just stand there stupidly looking at her surprisingly lithe— “

show atti smile with dissolve

att “Like what you see, tiger?  Not bad for an old woman?  {p}Hah!  Got you!”
“I put my hands up in surrender.”
“She glances at her watch.”
att “Then you get to buy me lunch as your penalty.  I’m going to see my daughter over at the daycare.”
att “Get me some kitsune udon and I’ll meet you in the cafeteria in fifteen minutes.”

hide atti smile with dissolve

$ renpy.music_stop(fadeout=0.5)

“I tie myself in knots to make one decision and she tears through them like paper.  {p}I’ve so far to go.  Anyway, off for food!”

scene bg cafe with fade

“After taking the hit in my wallet for her lunch, I settled for some miso soup and rice balls.”
“Being in the basement all morning, I get us a table near a window.”
“It’s closer to twenty minutes now.  I nibble idly at my rice ball. {p}I’m sure she… then there’s a touch on my shoulder as she arrives.”


show atti with dissolve
show atti at center, sitting with move

att “Sorry.  Yuki’s in some mood.  Oh!  The food looks great.  ‘Thanks for the food!’.”
“I mumble the same around my rice ball.  Then she reaches across the table for my free hand.”
att “And thank you for the meal, too.”
“Geh.  I know I’m blushing.  I start on my soup.”
“After a few minutes, I note that Atti is much more quiet than normal.  Baby steps.”
sh “You’re quiet today.”
att “Mmm.”
sh “Your daughter?”

show atti mad at center, sitting with dissolve

att “Yes, it’s…”
“Then she stops.”
sh “Friends?”

show atti at center, sitting with dissolve

att “Too clever by half, Tiger.  Even at daycare, Yuki stands out.  Too different.”
sh “She’s already getting teased?”
“As proud as I am, sometimes our culture…”
att “Not exactly.  Just questions that are hard for her… and me.”
sh “If you like, I can have Rimu beat them up.  She’s good at that, I know.”

show atti smile at center, sitting with dissolve

att “Maybe later.  Used you as a punching bag, did she?  And from what she’s said, you have known one another a long time.”
sh “She’s my oldest friend.  And, you’re my newest.”
att “This sentimentality is ruining my lunch; let’s finish up and head back, Tiger.”

scene bg hall2 with fade

“A few more minutes see lunch gone and us walking back to the basement.  But I think I need to address something.”
sh “Atti?”

show atti with dissolve

att “Hmmm?”
sh “Why do I already have a nickname?”

show atti surp with dissolve

“She chuckles.”
att “It’s too late; you’re stuck with it, Tiger.”
“Tiger.  *sigh*”
sh “That’s fine with me, Tatsu-chan.”

show atti mad with dissolve
show atti ges with dissolve

att “How did you kn–  no, there’s no way you could.  Okay, I guess I deserve that.”
“She claps me on my back.”

show atti surp with dissolve

att “C’mon, Tiger.”

$ renpy.pause (2.0)
$ renpy.music_stop(fadeout=0.75)

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