Reflexions 3 – Aris Kaguya



[A third of the paths of OTChi Kocchi, Aris.  ‘A Riddle Wrapped in a Mystery Inside an Enigma.’  Tall and reserved; guarded speech; and is she really reading your mind…?

This excerpt is from her Act 2, Scene 2.  Note that in RenPy code, “ar” is Aris talking, “sh” is Shirou talking and anything just in quotes is Shirou thinking.]

“The man who attacked Aris lies impaled on the ground… involuntarily, I retch slightly.”

scene bg trestle with fade
show aris hurt with dissolve
play music “ArisTheme.wav”

sh “Aris!  You’re hurt!  Geez, look at you:  bruises, cuts!  Is that seriously a gun-shot wound?”
ar “Nothing fatal.  My effectiveness is down likely by half, but I shall heal.”
sh “What about the Emergency Room at the hospital?  I can call a cab and–“
ar “No, Shirou.  We do not involve outsiders.  There would be too many questions; questions that I cannot answer.”
“Hard headed woman!”
sh “Dammit!  Fine, do you at least have a first aid kit at the dojo?”
ar “Of course.  I am touched by your concern.  Now, assist me.”

scene bg trestle with dissolve

ar “We need to properly dispose of the body.  We do not want the involvement of outsiders.”
“Even in the midst of all this, I’m surprised I can still think.”
sh “Aris, wait… why can’t you just make him… disappear?  Hey!  For that matter, why can’t you heal yourself!  What about all those changes you said you made to me!”

show aris hurt with dissolve

ar “Impossible, unfortunately.  Part of the full changes to… people like us… renders us untamperable.  Only our masters can disembody us.  Take his legs.”

play sound “manifest.ogg”

“With another of those odd sounds the pole through his chest vanishes.  I overcome my revulsion at touching a dead body and pick up his legs.”
“With only one of her hands, she easily lifts the rest of his body.”
“She’s testing me… seeing if I’ll help her.”
sh “This is my first time carrying a corpse, Aris.  Are we going far?”

show aris hurt at right with move

ar “Not at all; just over to the river.  The local authorities will think the death occurred further upstream.”

scene bg black with circlewipe

“Next to the river, she stripped him, then made the clothes vanish.  We start back to her place.”

scene bg street3 night with circlewipe

show aris hurt with dissolve

sh “Aris!  You’re limping!  Here, take my arm!”
ar “Thank you, Shirou.”
“I can tell the weight she puts onto me is just for show.  Does she think me that weak?”
ar “I do not.”

scene bg street2 night with fade

sh “So, that guy… Fey…?”

show aris hurt with dissolve

ar “Felicks.”
sh “Felicks.  He said he was going to kill you?  Something about lost trust?”
ar “Those we work for… they must have suspected my defection.  With Felicks’ death, they will know it.  And, had he killed me, he would have found you, Shirou.  I…”
“She leans on me a bit more.”
ar “I am sorry.  But I did warn you.”
“I’ve a million questions, but one statement:”
sh “Aris, this has been the weirdest night of my life; but for once, I did make a decision, and I’m seeing it through.”
ar “Good.  Thank you.”

scene bg arisdojo with fade

“I’m about to flick on the lights, when she tells me not to.”
ar “Retrieve the first aid kit; bathroom, under the sink.  I shall make tea.”
“I do as I’m told and meet her back at her little space heater.”

scene bg sh helping aris with slowdissolve

ar “If you would, disinfect my primary wounds.  I shall talk.”
“I begin dabbing her cuts… and the damned hole in her left shoulder.”
ar “You want to know what I am?  I am a weaponized human being.”
sh “Weaponized…?”
ar “In your tongue, perhaps samurai would be the apposite word?  But there is a better, and it is what we call ourselves.”
ar “I am a janissary.”

$ renpy.music_stop(fadeout=0.75)
scene bg black with fade

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