Reflexions 2 – Rimu Shizuoka



[Another of the four main paths of OTChi Kocchi, Rimu, an artist with big dreams, is the protagonist’s childhood friend, even if she routinely beat him up.  They are reunited in the Pharmacy after losing touch with one another for the past two years.

This excerpt is from her Act 3, Scene 1.  Note that in RenPy code, “ri” is Rimu talking, “sh” is Shirou talking and anything just in quotes is Shirou thinking.]

scene bg library with fade
play music “ShirouTheme.ogg”

“The worst part was Monday.  In between classes I was able to check on those super-amazing drawing tables that Rimu’d mentioned.”
“I could not believe the price.  At one stroke that uses more than half of all the money I’ve ever saved….  Am I ready for a step like that?”

show rimu pc with dissolve

ri “A step like what?  And talking out loud like that is likely creeping out the other people here.”
“To my immense relief, she gives me a small, quick kiss on the cheek before taking a seat… opposite from mine, dang it.”

show rimu pc at sitting with dissolve
show rimu ges at sitting with dissolve

ri “Oh don’t you dare use that hang-dog look!  I didn’t sit next to you because we have work to do!  You promised you’d be good!”
sh “What the…?  I thought only Aris could read minds!”
ri “Silly boy!  All women can!  Now, what have you got for me today?”
“I launch into the ideas I had about direct marketing of the project, in existing manga magazines and with search engine ads…”

show rimu pc at sitting with dissolve

ri “… which takes money.”
“And I told her about a more ‘guerilla marketing’ approach, getting a video or a storyline to go viral on 2Chan or Nico Nico Douga…”
sh “… or even using your existing published work:  your 4-koma in the college newspaper, to let people know what we’re up to.”

show rimu pc sm at sitting with dissolve

ri “Hmmm… trying to tie this all together, so that if someone pulls one thread anywhere, it will take them back to the rest of our content.  I see!”
sh “So, that doesn’t sound stupid?”
ri “Not at all!  I admit that it sounds obvious once you hear it, but I sure didn’t have any of that in mind when I came here today!”
sh “Thank heavens.”
“I stretch.”
sh “Then, the next thing I need to learn is setting up our website; both for content out and revenue in… I guess that means e-commerce and point-of-sales stuff… which I know nothing about….”

show rimu pc sad at sitting with dissolve

“She reaches across the table and holds my hand.”
ri “Oh, Shirou!  You’re already doing so much!  There are only so many hours in the day, especially with you already at work and school.  I don’t want to have you work yourself until you’re sick or burn

“What was it Aris said?  ‘Put it all to the touch?’  Damned right.”
sh “No… absolutely not.  If 100 percent isn’t enough for you and the project, then I’ll find another 50 percent somewhere in me.”

show rimu pc sm at sitting with dissolve

ri “Shirou, you–“

sh “No.  I’ve made one promise to Jun and one to Aris; now let me make a third with you.  Whatever it takes, Rimu.  What. Ever. It. Takes!  You and I are  going to change the world.  Got it?  Oh, that reminds me… here.”
“I rummage through my jacket pockets until I find the bank draft.  Then I hand it to her.”

show rimu pc surp at sitting with dissolve

sh “You’d better get that electronic drawing table as soon as you can… we’ve tons of work ahead of us.”
“Her eyes goggle a bit at the amount on the check.”
ri “Sh… Shirou… are you sure?  I’ve never seen this much…”
sh “Ri-tan, yes:  for the very first time in my life, I’m sure about something.  And that’s you.”

show rimu pc flush at sitting with dissolve

ri “Oh.. okay, then!  I’ll… I’ll order this as soon as I get home!”
sh “Speaking of which… shall we be on our way?”

show rimu pc sm at standing with dissolve

ri “Yes!”

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