“Reflexions and Direxions”


Looking at all the great art below, it occurred to me that, unless you’ve played the demos or bought a graphic novel, any visitor to this site has no idea who all these characters all.  I’ve been living with them in my head for anywhere from two years to two months, so I thought it best for some “meet and greets.”

The introductions of existing characters will be under “Reflexions,” as it is a look back at established personalities.  For those projects in development (Nyaapoleon, Hot Rod, etc.) I’ll show you what “Direxions” I think I’m going with them.

Also, for those interested in a “look under the hood” of RenPy coding in a visual novel, I’ll include excerpts of that when highlighting those from OTChi Kocchi.  If you’re not interested in the code, then just skip from bold to bold to follow the dialog.  Cheerio!

~Clayton Barnett

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