Reflexions 1 – Aoi Yamada



[One of the four main paths of OTChi Kocchi, Aoi is a fun, high-energy girl that seems flighty, but is actually steppy.  She works in the Pharmacy while pursuing her degree in nursing; likes long walks and big meals.

This excerpt is from Act 1, Scene 20d.  Note that in RenPy code, “ao” is Aoi talking, “sh” is Shirou talking and anything just in quotes is Shirou thinking.]

scene bg westside with fade

“I step outside into what’s become a lovely day.  The air is still a tad cool, but the sky is a brilliant blue.  I see Aoi on a bench near the fountain, so I walk over.”

sh “Morning, Aoi!”

show aoi at right, sitting with dissolve

ao “What does Shirou want?  Being senior is fun, but slacking off as Admin is better.  No trouble from Shirou!”
“I raise my hands.”
sh “No trouble from me.  I wanted to see you.”
ao “No touching.”
“Must keep control.”
sh “In this past week you’ve made a tremendous impression on me,”
“disingenuous, but true,”
sh “and I would like to spend some more time with you, okay?”

show aoi surp at right, sitting with dissolve

ao “Hmmm.  Grrrr.  Stipstipstip.”
“What?  It’s as if she vocalizes the gears in her head turning.”

show aoi grin at right, standing with move

“She suddenly jumps up.”
ao “Shirou’s in love with me!”
“Whaaa!  How are we at step ten from step one?!?”
sh “Wait… Aoi, from what I said, how did—”

show aoi at center with move

ao “Aoi is not in love with Shirou.  No touching.”
“Perhaps if she held this conversation with a cardboard cutout of me…?”
sh “Aoi, please focus.  I like you, that’s why I’m here.  And, well, yes, I thought that maybe we could find out more about each other…”
“This is not going like I intended.  And I can see it was stupid of me to second guess a girl like this.”
“She takes a few steps towards me; the first time she’s ever looked down at me.”

show aoi conc with dissolve

ao “You like me?”
“Use small words.”
sh “Yes.”
ao “You don’t love me?”
sh “No… not..”
“Small words; shut up, Shirou.”
ao “But you, you want to?”
“Maturity out of nowhere.”
sh “I think so.  Can we find out?”

show aoi bw with dissolve

ao “Of course we can!  Hah hah hah!  Stupid Shirou!”

show aoi at center, sitting with move

ao “Here.”
“She hands me the notepad she’d been writing in when I arrived.”
sh “What’s this?”
ao “My poems!  Some of them are a lot of fun!  I’m all in there!”
“Well, I’m the one who took the first step.  Likely a bunch of girly drek about flowers and birds and … this one is strange … these are not what I expected from someone like Aoi.”
“I look over at her.  Tell the truth.”
sh “Honestly, it’s nothing like I thought it’d be, Aoi.”

show aoi grin at center, sitting with dissolve

“She beams at this.”

show aoi at center, standing with move

ao “Yeah!  Here, let me!  Oh, Aya said ‘feet on the ground!’”
“She takes the notepad from my hand, looks around, and then flips a few pages.  After ostentatiously clearing her throat, she closes her eyes and begins.”
ao “Waiting:  for a change in the weather{p}Waiting:  for a shift in the air{p}Waiting:  for a surge in the clouds{p}Waiting:  for a crack in the sky”

hide aoi surp with moveoutbottom

$ renpy.music_stop (fadeout=0.75)

“The notepad drops from her hand and I leap up to catch her as she falls.  She emits a little groan.”

play music “storm.ogg”
scene bg westside storm with dissolve
show rain1
show rain2

show aoi conc with dissolve

ao “Ooooh, that was a big one… my head hurts… huh?  Stupid Shirou… I said no touching.”

show bg westside storm with flashbulb
play sound “lightning.ogg”

“I feel the drops of rain on my neck just a split second before a blast of thunder make me cower down.  Where did the nice morning go?  The rain’s coming faster, so I grab up her notepad and carry her back inside.”

scene bg hall2 with fade

“Fortunately there’s a chair just inside.  I deposit Aoi onto it.  This is a hospital, should I get one of the nurses—”

show aoi surp at center, sitting with dissolve

$ renpy.music_stop (fadeout=0.75)
$ renpy.pause (1.5)
play music “AoiTheme.wav”

ao “Wheee.  That was fun.  I’m all tingly!”
“With a lightning strike that close, I’m not surprised.”
sh “Should I take you to the Emergency Room, Aoi?”
“She rocks her head from side to side.”

show aoi at center, sitting with dissolve

ao “Gimme about ten minutes.  Hey, Shirousomething… what do you see?”
“What do I see?”
sh “Where, Aoi?”
“She gestures towards the door and outside.  It’s pouring so hard I can’t see the fountain.”
sh “That’s one heck of a storm out there.  It just came out of nowhere!”

show aoi grin at center, sitting with dissolve

ao “Hee hee hee.  Stupid Shirou is stupid.  Uff.”

show aoi at center, standing with move

“She gets to her feet unsteadily.”

show aoi conc with dissolve

ao “I said no touching and you did… but, thank you. {p}Do… do you still like me?”
“Eh?  Why would I not?”
sh “Yes, Aoi.”

show aoi conc with dissolve

“She then very gently puts her index finger onto my chest.”
ao “I think I like you, too.”

$ renpy.pause (2.0)
$ renpy.music_stop (fadeout=0.75)
scene black with fade

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