Writer’s Corner – Introduction

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As always, my esteemed colleague has done yeoman’s work in getting this WordPress site up and running.  I, honestly, wasn’t quite sure where I’d fit in:  everyone likes to look at pictures…does anyone want to read story excerpts?  Chat about what little RenPy coding I can manage?  Such doubts assailed me.

Then, yesterday evening, assisted by the bourbon in my coffee, Mr. Deonne (he changes given names as often as I change my car’s oil) and I had a chat via email that has given me a better grounding for where I may go with this site.

Having said all that to say this:  I look forward to greater interaction with our readers!  Now, off for more coffee…and bourbon.

~Clayton Barnett


One thought on “Writer’s Corner – Introduction

  1. I’d love to see your intros or previews of what your stories would be ^^ but then again I like reading. Even if it’s small and brief any intro would be helpful to players or other devs stumbling upon your works. I usually leave behind my literatures on dA (my VN is based off of the chapters I have on there so it’s like backstory material, even if some of the writing is rusty by now).

    mm bourbon


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